Satanic Philadelphia is an independent group of Satanists founded in June of 2017 and located in Philadelphia and its surrounding regions.

 Satanic Philadelphia is not affiliated with any nationally recognized organizations.

  The current leadership of Satanic Philadelphia consists of Kira Rose, Polly Esther, and Moira Corvid.

Satanic Philadelphia's goal is to foster a regional community of Satanists through Satanic study, ritual, camaraderie and community outreach.


  At the present time, Satanic Philadelphia is only accepting membership requests via our private, members-only facebook group:


Please note:

Potential members will be asked 3 questions when they request to join. Requests that do not answer ALL THREE questions will be declined.

Additionally, requests from outside of our operational area will also be declined. We invite out-of-state allies and supporters to follow us through our community page!


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